FOUNDER / Sean Knapp



By now, every industry has woken up to the power of big data: leveraging complex, voluminous data sets to gain valuable market insights and optimize customer offerings. Unless you are one of the tech titans, however, the challenge of recruiting and retaining data scientists is a hurdle to realizing this potential.

ASCEND.IO offers big data analytics as a 100% cloud service for the majority of industry leaders that do not have a core capability in data science or SW development staff.

Siri for Big Data.


FOUNDER / Ian Crosby, Pavel Rodionov, Adam Saint and Jordan Menashy



Bench produces monthly P&L and balance sheet reports for small businesses through a standardized, scalable process. Using technology to automate some tasks and process engineering to optimize the rest, Bench has built a streamlined factory for financial statements that produces great quality at low cost. Combined with a beautiful user interface and complemented by an in-house full-service accounting team, Bench is a new kind of bookkeeper that raises the bar for the accounting industry.


FOUNDERS / Eric Lambrecht and Jeff Yasuda


FOUNDED 2012 provides a turn-key, legal way to add popular music to websites, apps, and games in order to drive engagement, retention, and revenues. THINK: Music as a Service.


FOUNDERS / Adalberto Flores Ochoa and Leonardo de la Cerda Guzman



Kueski is the fastest online payday lender in Latin America. Users can apply for a small loan completely on-line, specifying how much money they need and when they would like to pay it back. Kueski's risk engine approves or rejects a loan application within seconds. Upon approval, a wire transfer is made instantaneously.


FOUNDERS / Mike Estee, Danielle Applestone, PhD & Saul Griffith, PhD



Other Machine Company (OMC) is at the forefront of the digital desktop manufacturing movement, because the future is small-batch, ultra-customized, and on-demand. Like in the early days at HP and Apple, OMC transforms industrial tools into consumer products and aims to put them in every home and business. OMC is full-stack, with an ecosystem of computer-controlled hardware, software, marketplace, and community that enables everyday people to directly harness the power of modern manufacturing.


FOUNDERS / Julien Bellanger and Kunal Anand



Prevoty, a next generation web application security provider, is pioneering a new approach to securing web applications.

Prevoty provides web application security-as-a-service, eliminating the top OWASP threats by validating your inputs, queries and tokens. Prevoty’s proprietary technology reduces the time and cost to develop secure applications via embedding security libraries and plugins.

Top technology, media, retail and financial organizations use Prevoty for its powerful security, ease of use and flexibility. Prevoty protects over half a billion unique users every sub-millisecond.


FOUNDERS / Na'ama Moran, Peretz Partensky and Ben Woosley



Sourcery is connecting wholesale food buyers and suppliers online. Currently most of the transactions in the $220B byzantine foodservice industry are handled by phone calls, fax machines and paper invoices. Sourcery's vision is to be the web standard for data and transactions in the food industry. By bringing transparency and efficiency to this market we are democratizing access to high-quality foods and organizing a gold-mine of data in the process.


FOUNDER / Chris Hart



trueAnthem empowers marketers, publishers and advertisers to leverage the power of social influence. trueAnthem's patented technology tracks the viral spread of shared content across the internet in real-time and pinpoints social influencers - those who not only share content, but inspire their friends and followers to take action.

trueAnthem's platform provides publishers the ability to drive new social advertising opportunities by clustering social influencers based on their sharing activities, interests, and spheres of influence.


FOUNDERS / Abhik Majumdar, Alex Holub and Phil West



Vidora was founded with the belief that interactions between humans and computers can and should evolve using the power of artificial intelligence. Vidora is a platform which enables any company to dynamically adapt website and app layouts, menus, text, and content uniquely to each individual without requiring any engineering work. Vidora was founded by engineers, PhDs, and experts in human-computer interactions from Stanford, Berkeley, and Caltech. The technology helps media and commerce companies like Walmart, News Corp, and Panasonic increase engagement and revenue by over 4x and user retention by over 20%.


FOUNDERS / Doug Olkein, Ryo Koyama and Mike Johnson



Weaved connects you to the world of devices. Soon there will be billions of devices connected to the Internet controlled by billions of smartphones and managed by hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. Weaved cloud services make is possible for device makers to make their devices Internet ready almost instantly and equally easy for app developers to build apps that work on top of devices made from various manufacturers.

At the heart of Weaved is it's core technology which allows any internet service or a device to become privately and securely accessible from the internet. The Company has already been awarded a patent for its technology with more coming down the way. Devices from major manufacturers, build around Weaved, can be found in most major retail outlets, just look for the “Powered by Weaved” logo.


FOUNDER / Bismarck Lepe



Wizeline is a B2B analytics and insights company. Wizeline offers a SaaS platform that leverages product engagement data to identify the product and engineering allocation that will maximize ROI for its customers.

The company is initially focused on B2B companies that offer cloud-based services to other businesses, but the goal is for all companies to one day use Wizeline to decide which products to build and market.


Core Ventures Group is a seed stage venture capital firm. We put our financial and human capital to work in support of seasoned founders building advanced technologies and impactful businesses.


Core Ventures Group was founded by Shinya Akamine in 2012. In addition to earning B.S., M.S. and Phd degrees from Stanford in Electrical Engineering, where he was named one of the University's most prolific patent holders, Shinya helped to open the first McKinsey Silicon Valley office. After successfully mastering business spreadsheets as a management consultant, he went on to play executive leadership roles at four Silicon Venture-backed tech start-ups, including serving as GM at Cygnus Solutions (sold to Red Hat) and serving as Founder and CEO of Postini (sold to Google). Shinya speaks four languages: English, Japanese, Spanish and Founder.

Joanna Drake Earl joined Core Ventures Group as a General Partner in 2014. Like Shinya, Joanna entered the business world from Stanford as a management consultant with Booz Allen's Media and Tech practice. She became a serial start-up Executive beginning in the late 1990s. She has launched many world's "firsts" award winning media tech products: personalized videonewcasts from ReacTV, advanced set top box media services via Moxi, and Viewer Created TV on Current TV. Her most recent executive stint was running the Western operations for leading Japanese mobile company DeNA. Joanna is a member of Broadway Angels and C200.




To build valuable businesses with world-class entrepreneurs.


We invest in relatively few companies and work closely with the founders on all strategic and operational fronts. We are rigorous in creating actionable strategies and supporting continuous improvement. We remain calm at all times, because every startup faces serious challenges and surprises.


We strive to find and support curious and ambitious founders of the highest character and integrity. In our experience, these are the core strengths upon which great companies are built. We primarily invest in seed stage companies with proven business models and advanced technologies, and for which Core Ventures Group is amongst the first investors.